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Action Taken Report

3rd Quarter SMC-PAC Meeting held on 24th December, 2016


Furnished below is the action taken report in r/o suggestions made by the members of SMC-PAC in the 3rd Quarter meeting held on 24th December, 2016:

Class VI

1.Map work needs to be done alongwith the explanation of the topic, rather than later, for clarity and better understanding of students.

  • The suggestion has been discussed with the teachers. It is being implemented.

2.Students should be reshuffled in each class (Nursery to V) so that they are not confined to their groups.

  • Our system of shuffling/re-shuffling in every class was explained by Madam Director.

3.Disturbance in classes VI-VIII from music rooms should be controlled.

  • Music teachers have been requested to ensure closing of doors & windows towards these classes.

Class VII

4.Correction of assignment copies should be done more meticulously so that students learn and write correct answers in the tests/examinations (as explained/expected by the teacher). Otherwise there is mismatch which creates confusion and problems for both student and teacher concerned.

  • It was discussed in the staff meeting. Teachers have been asked to be more careful in future.

5.Weight of the school bag is a matter of big concern. Students bring dictionary and both the language books (literature and grammar). Teachers should stick to the time table and guide the students strictly.

  • Members were informed about the detailed survey conducted in different classes regarding this. The findings were also shared, as it was done with students and teachers. Regular monitoring is being done to ensure that students bring books and stationery as per the time table. 

6.Integrated Project exhibition should be held before 31st January so that students can focus on preparing for the annual examinations in the month of February.

  • The reasons were explained by Ms. Anuja Srivastava. It is on 01 February this year (much before the annual exams). We will further review it and try to schedule it before 31st January, if possible.

7.Pattern of winter vacation homework should be changed. It should revision based so that students are more focused and prepare better for the final examinations.

  • The suggestion has been implemented. 


Class VIII

8.Social Science is very important from the point of view of competitive examinations. So students should be given good exposure about their surroundings and general awareness.

  • The suggestion was discussed with the teachers. They appreciated it and will take care of it.

9.Students are forced to replace the book in case of loss of it. It should be looked into.

  • It was discussed with the librarian. Students can pay the cost of the book with 10% penalty.

10.Record of reading of books by students should be maintained in the Library.

  • It is already being maintained. The same record is seen to decide the Vidya Sagar Award given for maximum use of school library.

Class IX

11.Class room transaction in Chemistry needs to be looked into, as the students face problems. It was suggested that the class should be observed by peer teachers so as to understand and address students concerns appropriately.

  • Chemistry classes were observed. Necessary inputs were shared with the teacher concerned.

12.It was decided after due deliberations that the grace mark (0.5 only) will be given to students to better their grades only at the time of final tabulation of results (not with quarterly report day).

13.Status quo will be maintained for teacher’s day celebration.

14.Parents should feel/be made more responsible for the academic performance, behavior and conduct of their wards rather than expecting it from school/teachers alone. 

  • Thanks for the members support. However, school will continue its effort to mentor, monitor and motivate them.

     Class X

15.There should be pre-boards, course should be completed before that and students should be given practice papers.

  • The system of Summative 2 (March examination) for Cl. X was explained in detail by the Principal.

Nevertheless, Formative Assessment (F-4) cycle for classes IX & X was conducted on the lines of Pre-board.

Class XI

16.Outsiders should not be allowed in the Children’s fete, as they create problems.

  • The house was explained our system to restrict entry of strangers in the children’s fete.

17.Class XI-D had incurred a loss in the children’s fete and students were asked to pay for it. It should not be done.

  • The matter was discussed with the Class Teacher and taken up as a case study. No payment was taken from   students.

18.Students (XI-D) were made to stand in Psychology class without being heard patiently by the teacher. It should be looked into and avoided.

  • The matter was discussed with the teacher and students. It had been sorted out.

19.School takes care of children in need of individualized attention and care for their better performance in academics through the remedial/problem solving sessions. But there should be some remedial session/special programme for the gifted children also.

  • Madam Director briefed the members about our effort in that direction and the Shaking the Tree project taken up by the Counsellor Ms. Anamika Tiwari.
  • Class XII

20.The programme put up by Commerce students on the exhibition day was very good. 

  • The complement was shared with the students and teachers concerned.

21.There should be better arrangement of drinking water during the children’s fete.

  • It will be taken care of in the next year’s fete.

22.Proposal of replacing books with vouchers (as awards) is a novel idea. Therefore, the collection at Pitara should be such that children buy good books. Teachers should guide/advise students for choosing good books.

  • The suggestion has been discussed with Pitara. Procurement of award books will be done accordingly.


General suggestions

23.The bus facility should be extended and diversified so that more students can avail it.

  • Madam Director briefed the members about the limitations of such bus facility in our town, her experience of having provided the facility in the past and the status of present bus facility (running in loss).

24.Provision of Special Passes should be made for the PAC-SMC members attending the meeting, as their vehicles get damaged if they park on the road side outside the school.

  • The suggestion will be implemented from the next meeting.

25.The parents and tempo operators face a lot of problem due to timing of the two schools (JBS and JBA). This should be looked into by the Management.

  • Our Head Office will discuss the matter.


(AK Tiwari)



15th March, 2017